Top 10 Web Hosting

BlueHost is topping the list of top 10 web hosting based on our editors’ in-depth review and real customers’ votes. BlueHost was founded by Matt Heaton in 1996, and acquired by the Endurance International Group in April, 2011 for up to 1.86 billions of USD. With an affordable price, responsive customer service, the state-of-the-art technologies, and outstanding hosting performance, BlueHost has been offering quality all-in-one web hosting service for more than 15 years with a tremendous number of customer bases. In April, 2013, it even launched the latest advanced dedicated hosting, offering upgradability to their shared web hosting plan.

Cost-effective All-In-One Web Hosting
It is worth mentioning that BlueHost Professional Web Hosting is the most cost-effective one after we had reviewed hundreds of web hosting plans. It’s pricing low to $3.95/mo for the readers going through this promotion link, 44% off the regular price of $6.95/mo.

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However, this budget-friendly rate doesn’t cut off the features or performance. In addition to unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, and e-mail addresses offered by most web hosts, BlueHost also provides customers with the most user-friendly cPanel control panel, self-built SimpleScripts 1-click installer, free domain name registration, free $150 adverting credits, and anytime money back guarantee.

Excellent Hosting Performance
We have monitored the performance of a WordPress site hosted with BlueHost since May, 2012. According to the result, BlueHost performs an almost 100% uptime in real world and fast server response speed averages at 258ms.

Terrific Customers’ Voice
So far, we have received 363 BlueHost reviews from real customers at the site, 99.7% of the customers are satisfied with the BlueHost overall hosting service, including the web hosting features, uptime & page loading speed, control panel and customer support. Read the statistics chart as following.

Web Hosting Guideline

To come up the list of top 10 web hosting, we have reviewed and ranked 100+ web hosts in according to the following main criterias. The review and ranking is based on our real hosting experience and the verified customer reviews. All the listed companies provide reliable web hosting services with an array of advanced features at a low rate.

Reliability & Speed
Reliability and speed are of vital importance when ranking the top 10 web hosting. After all, the slowness and unexpected downtime greatly affect the traffic of websites, and sometimes even result in revenue lost for business. Thus, customers need to choose a web host offering great hosting performance with at least 99.9% uptime and fast page loading speed averages no more than 1 second.

Customer Service
It is unwise to underestimate the importance of customer service. Everyone may encounter some problems when setting up and managing the websites, especially for the new beginners. The top 10 web hosts provide customers with an excellent problem shooting process which includes pre-sale inquiries and after-sale technical support via a variety of methods such as toll-free phone call, e-mail, support ticket system, and live chat day and night.

The top web hosting company needs to offer useful and competitive features, which enable customers to create, publish and maintain their websites, including unlimited disk space & bandwidth, free website builder, 1-click installer, user-friendly control panel (particularly cPanel), the latest versions of script engines, etc. Besides, customers need to check out the features in advance based on their explicit requirements to avoid a web host that provides a long list of useless features, but cannot fully function the websites.

Price Value
Price is the top concern for some cost-sensitive customers who may choose the extremely cheap or even free web hosting service to save budget. However, these hosting solutions are often full of sucks and scams. The top 10 web hosting companies may not be the cheapest in the market, but they offer a great balance between cost and quality, allowing customers to enjoy a quality hosting service without spending too much.